Our goal is to ensure that growing organizations have the support they need to serve their constituents without the challenge of operational planning and support.  We are a full service agency with knowledge and expertise in small business, non-profit, and semi-public sectors.  Our team has experience in organizational operations, finance, human resources, information technology, data integration and analysis, and fundraising and development.  

We build integrated systems to foster efficiency and logistical order, while ensuring organizations have the funds they need to best serve their populations.



We take the stress out of  organizational operations.


Systems Building and Integration

 Productivity is important. We want you to focus on your mission, while we build systems that allow for automated processes and integrated workflows.

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Operational Support & Management  

We build or scale your plan and create automated systems to ensure sustainable growth or advance your organization's current practices.



Strategic Business Solutions

IT Strategy, financial planning and management, HR, and fundraising are essential functions of growing organizations.   Let us guide you through these processes.



Our Practice

Grasshopper can change the way your organization thinks about business operations and logistics.  Schedule your free systems evaluation call today! 

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A Top 10 Service

Have a business need? We have the solution.  Mission driven organizations thrive on effective service delivery.   We can ensure that delivery is on-time and above standard.

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Let's grow your organization together.